A Year in Review – The Best of 2015

“Comme le temps passe vite !”

“How time flies!”  Wow…  I can’t believe an entire year has just slipped past me!

It’s been an eventful year with the birth of my nephew, the passing of my uncle, and the horrendous attacks in Paris.  I’ve also been traveling about 50% of the time, so keeping on top of things continues to be challenging – but I bet most of you feel the same way in your own lives as well!

Before moving past the old and embracing the new year, let’s take a moment for a quick look back…

“Girl Gone Gallic’s Best of 2015” showcase images from the past years travels.  You can view them as an ensemble, or as a slide show by clicking and using the arrows to scroll through at your own pace. For a little mood music there’s Louane with “Avenir” to channel the inner teenage girl hiding within you…


What did you think of this years photos?

Did you like them ?  Did you have a favorite ?  One that intrigues you?  What would you like to see more of ?  For myself, the first photo with the Statue of Liberty is one of my favorites, but I also really like the shot with the dancers in traditional dress in front of the church – it’s like I’m still there!  Do you agree ?  And for those hardcore armchair surfers wanting more travel photos, checkout last year’s  “Postcards From France 2014“.

A new year, and with it new adventures…  Projects for 2016?  Leading my first tour « Fulfill your Francophile Fantasies » which will travel to Paris, Provence, and Monaco. Why not join me! info@girlgonegallic.com

Happy Travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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