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Out and About Provence

Carro – L’Anse du Verdon.

DSC_0611 - Copy After the flu hit me pretty hard, my choices for Saturday afternoon were either lying around the house staring at the walls, or lying around the beach staring at the ocean…  It wasn’t a tough decision! 

The market in Aix-en-Provence provided my picnic favorites (bread from the Farinaman, fresh goat cheese, some ripe tomatoes, and a few figs in season right now).  I threw my bounty into my car next to my “always ready” backpack containing my beach necessities (you never know when the mood will strike!) and jumped in the “Girl Gone Gallic” automobile.

There are so many beaches to pick from in Provence, but I wanted a short drive and a sandy beach so I chose “L’Anse du Verdon” otherwise known as “Plage du Verdon” (“Anse” means “an arc”).  It being the Mediterranean Sea, there is very little tide so no moving the beach towel up every hour (perfect for my needs).

L’Anse du Verdon is an easy beach to get to, there is lots of parking, and no fees during the off-season.  During the summer, it get’s super crowded so arrive early or use the overflow lot (which as a bonus is free). Parents love this beach because kids can go quite far before the water gets very deep. Also, the water is calm and a life guard is on duty summer months. There’s snack food available in case you forget your picnic or want an ice cream cone.

If you would rather avoid the rambunctious kids, situate yourself to the left of the beach along the rock wall.  There’s also a lovely short hike and view-point just above the rock wall (climb the steps to the left to access). Another similar beach I recommend is the “Anse de Sainte-Croix” (also known as the “Plage Sainte-Croix”, not to be confused with the “Lac Sainte-Croix“).  It however lacks the life guard and snack shop.

The nearby town of “Carro”, meaning “cart or wagon”, is part of the “Côte Bleu“.  In the past, the stone in the area was quarried to build the delightful monuments you see all around Provence and beyond.  If you like to scuba dive, you can explore the ancient submerged quarries of Baou Tailla.  Stay awhile or make it your vacation spot next year – there are many campground and vacation villages in the area .

Did you notice all the people in the water ?  Yes, it is October and the water is still a super comfortable 22ºc !  I ♥ Provence.

Happy Travels,

-Girl Gone Gallic

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