April Fool’s Day in France

To all my virtual friends in cyberspace…

Gotcha!!! Poisson d’Avril!!!

Poisson d'Avril 2016 - April Fools Day 2016

April Fool’s Day in France

Couldn’t let this French tradition go by without a little childish fun!

The French have a great sense of humor and there are lots going around this April Fool’s Day in France besides the French fish tradition…

My favorite spoofs going around the internet have included:

Google also loves to participate in the fun:

Google Wind

Google Gnome

Google Nose

  • ….and finally for adults only – drone “toy” deliveries (in case you just can’t wait)

Curious to learn more about April Fool’s Day in France?  Check out my post “There’s something “fishy” going on in France

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