A Year in Review – The Best of 2016

OMG, I still can’t believe we are already in 2017!

I’m always amazed at how quickly the year has passed and how much has actually happened.  The end of the year is always the perfect time to slow down a moment and reflect on the past years accomplishments and challenges.  I especially enjoy thumbing through the years photographs and remembering all the wonderful destinations that I had the privilege to visit.

Let’s rewind 2016…

Picking the lavender fields of Valensole - Best of 2016 - France

Before we move on definitively, let’s take a quick moment to enjoy the best from 2016.  To begin with and in order of popularity are GGG’s top posts for 2016 – just in case you missed them.  Interestingly there are a still couple posts from previous years that seem timeless to still garner as much interest as when they were first published.

Now, on to the best part! “GGG’s Best of 2016” photo album…

As usual, you can enjoy a little mood music with your armchair surfing with the song “J’ai cherché” by Amir.  It was one of the most popular pop songs in France for 2016 and played endlessly on the radio, but I still like it.  But then, I’m a little sappy like that!

Click on the YouTube video to get the music going, then you can view the photos as a slide show by just letting them run on automatic, or by clicking and using the arrows to scroll through at your own pace.

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So what did you think of the photos?

Did you like GGG’s “Best of 2016” photo collection?  Did you have a favorite?  A photo that intrigues you?  What about the music – did you let it play? Did you get inspired to visit any of the destinations?  If so, which one?  Is there a destination you are curious about would like me to blog?  Personally, I like the very first one in Paris (Place de la Concorde), the bikes in Roussillon, and the Apple Blossoms because they are just soooo gorgeous…  What do you think?

If you are new to Girl Gone Gallic and want to see more, check out “Postcards From France 2014” and “A Year in Review – The Best of 2015“.

Looking back over 2016

There is of course much more to talk about if we look at French political and national news for the year.  From floods, to terrorism, to the “Blues” success over Germany in the Semifinals Soccer Cup.

“The Euro 2016 football tournament gave France at least something to cheer about. But the country’s protracted terror alert continued to dominate headlines in a year so tense even police officers protested.”

It was a challenging and difficult year for France on many fronts.  For top events check out the report “Under the shadow of terror: France’s year in review” or the video “The year in review: The highs and lows of 2016“, both by France 24. Unfortunately in 2016 there seemed to be way too many lows in comparison to the highs…

For me, it’s been another busy year with lots of travel and many challenges.  My first GGG Travel Tour launched right before the terrorist attacks – not really the best timing as many travelers decided to put off their plans until things settled.  On the other hand, I am thrilled to report that my blog continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  GGG has more than twice as many followers and viewers as last year, and published more than 65 blog posts over this past year.  Thank you everyone for all your support!

Feedback? Feedback 2017

To finish, is there anything that you particularly enjoyed on Girl Gone Gallic over this past year that you would like me to continue? Is there anything that you would like me to add for 2017?  Anything that you find uninteresting?

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!  After all, YOU are my one and only cyber family and I want to keep you happy and interested for a long time to come :).

Happy Travels and Best Wishes for 2017,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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