Postcards From France 2014 – A Year in Review…

France Travel Photos – Girl Gone Gallic – 2014.

If I were asked to describe my past year, it would best be described in just one simple word:  BUSY !

What with starting the new blog, traveling at least 50% of the time, taking care of the two households and also my other business ventures – I barely have had a minute to myself.  It’s fun and exciting, and I love to keep busy, but it can be overwhelming at times.

I’ve selected below a few of my favorite France Travel Photos from this past year.  It was super hard to choose as I’m a little trigger happy when it comes to the camera – thank goodness for digital – and I had hundreds of photos to sift through.  I’m also still learning the best way to edit the photos, so forgive me if they are not perfect.

You can view the photos as a slide show by just clicking on one of them and then using the arrows to scroll through at your own pace.  If you want a little music to set the mood (and I think you do), I included a clip from “Coeur de Pirate” below the photo gallery for you to enjoy.  She’s actually a Canadian artist that I enjoy very much (thanks to my son for introducing me to her music).

Coeur de Pirate – Place de la République

I’d love to know what my cyber friends have to say about these photos…

What did you honestly think of my France Travel Photos ?  Which picture was your favorite ?  Which did you like the least ? I’m betting your least favorite is the picture of the cherub baby in the fountain surrounded by graffiti – but I love that one and the clash of old and new.  Is there anyone out there that agrees with me ?  If you could have accompanied me to just one location, which would it have been ?

The vast majority of these pictures haven’t been published before in any of my blog posts, and I have a ton more to share.  Another one of my goals for 2015 is to do a better job of sharing these with all of you – I’m still looking for an easy and efficient manner so if you have any ideas let me know.

Hope to hear from you real soon !

Happy Travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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