Happy New Year from PARIS !!!

It’s a New Year!

“Tous mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur pour une année douce, riche d’amour et de prospérité.”

In France the New Year (Saint-Sylvestre) is celebrated on January 1st at the stroke of midnight, but well wishing continues during the entire month when everyone (family, friends, and even colleagues) wishes each other Bonne Année”.  If your friends or loved ones are far, then it’s appropriate to send greeting cards anytime during the month (but never after January).  These days you are even more likely to receive countless text and IM messages at the stroke of midnight.

In case you are curious, here are some videos from the celebrations in Paris…

Happy New Year from PARIS at the Eiffel Tower

Happy New Year from PARIS at the Arc de Triomphe

 Wishing you a fabulous New Year with endless happy travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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