Happy “Poisson d’Avril”!

What??? What u talkin’ bout girl??? Fish in April???

The “Poisson d’Avril”, an April Fool’s day tradition in France, involves pasting paper fish on unsuspecting peoples backs. Yes, that’s right, go ahead and slap a fish (preferably paper – but that’s up to you) on all your French friends backs…or any friend for that matter!

For more details on the “Poisson d’Avril” tradition, check out my post:

This tradition is just way too much fun NOT to partake in – so go for it! To get you started, below you will find some beautiful artwork portraying tropical fish. Print one out, cut out the fish, and then just sneak up on a friend or family member and tape it to their back! Try not to laugh hysterically as you sneak away…

Pick any suitable unsuspecting back:

So what are you waiting for??? Go slap some fish on your loved ones! Because if you miss out this year, you’ll need to wait a whole other year…

Happy Travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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