It’s my Blogaversary !

It’s my Blogaversary – My one year blog anniversary !

Wow, I can hardly believe how fast time flies…

I started this blogging adventure with a desire to share my passions and knowledge of France. It has been so exciting receiving those very first reader comments – thank you for actually paying attention to my blog and finding it useful!
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There are a plenty of expat blogs out there, as well as Francophiles that are passionate about France and traveling, but few share my bi-national, bilingual, and bi-cultural background. This allows me to have a much more intimidate understanding of both cultures.  Hopefully this allows me to have a better understand of my readers needs. A foot in both countries, both figuratively and literally speaking…

So what have I accomplished in my first year of blogging ? Quite a lot actually! I’ve learned the ins and outs of WordPress (my blogging platform), made great contacts through my local travel industry associations, and learned the basics of using social media.
2cv_border_smoke_puffs_right (2)What’s next ? I have tons more planned, including revamping the website, expanding my social media presence, and hopefully launching my first tour group next summer. I would also like to learn more about HTML and CSS programming so I can unleash my creativity on the website without having to hire a professional every time.

They say only a small percentage of blogs survive their first year, and yet here I am! It must be that stubborn streak that keeps me going through all the challenges; it’s certainly not from the recognition that I get from Google !   That will hopefully come with time and patience…
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So thank you to all my Girl gone Gallic readers! I certainly would be very lonely out here in cyberspace without your company.

Stay awhile, a little company is always welcome…

Happy Travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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