Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques!

Easter is very much a family gathering many parts of the world, and particularly in France. And chocolate plays an important role in the celebration…

Chocolate Bells???

Traditionally you will find not only the traditional chocolate easter eggs that we know so well, but also chickens – bunnies – fish, and bells. Bells, yes, really… The myth has it that on Good Friday all the church bells fly from France to Rome mourning the crucifixion. As such church bells throughout France stay ominously silent from Good Friday until Easter Sunday morning when they return ringing loudly and dropping chocolat along their way back home. I have yet to see a flying bell, but I have definitely had the good fortune of finding the delicious the chocolates they drop everywhere!!!

Peaked your curiosity?

Chocolate dreams…

But even more fun these days are the magical creations by France’s talented chocolatier. Check out highlights from this years offerings:

Some of my favorite Chocolatiers in Paris and around France:

But better yet – why not make your own???

For those of you who like DIY, why not make your own Easter eggs? The recipe below, although in French, is super easy even if you do not understand or speak the language. Simply melt chocolate bars and use the liquid chocolate to paint several layers in plastic molds. Easy!!!

Coloring page for the kiddos

While you are busy making dozens of chocolate eggs, keep the youngsters busy and out of your hair with this fun coloring page!

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