Tips for Learning French

Why not learn French???

Try these free and proven to be effective resources to get you started.

Learn French with Vincent

Your Girl Gone Gallic approved native French teacher! Vincent thinks learning a language should be fun. Watch his videos, take some notes, and watch again to check your progress.  All the files and documents are FREE, but consider making a small donation if you find his work helpful.  If you have any questions, you can contact Vincent directly on his website (


Learn French with Geraldine

“Comme un Française”…  Géraldine is a French language and lifestyle expert who helps expat women integrate in France. With her honesty, her eye on French culture and her unique tone, Géraldine inspires expat women to take charge of their success in France by understanding, practicing and integrating every day.  With her blog and her programs, she gives self-confidence and guidance to thousands of women willing to enjoy their new life.  Master the pros and cons, the dos and don’ts and the whys and hows of France…


Learn French with Duolingo

I also really like the free Duolingo Phone App for learning French on the go available in both Iphone and Android versions.  Spending just a few minutes a day while you are waiting in line at the grocery store is a great way to pick up a little vocabulary before your next trip.  Duolingo also has an online version if that is your preference.

As usual, no sponsorship or kickbacks with any of my recommendations…

Happy Travels (en français),
-Girl Gone Gallic

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