“CANCELLED” – Lyon’s Festival of Lights 2015

Lyon’s Festival of Lights has been cancelled due to recent events.

Fete des lumieres cancelled

“Due to the recent and tragic events, the Festival of Lights cannot take place in its regular form. It has been decided to postpone it to december 2016, with the same program.  This year, we invite you all to stand united and solidary as we light up candles and illuminate the city, on Tuesday December 8, to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks.”  www.fetedeslumieres.lyon.fr


Lyon’s Festival of Lights was originally set to begin on December 8th and continue on for four days throughout downtown Lyon.  It is the largest festival in Europe, and a tough blow to the local economy and to all of us (like myself) who have been looking forward to this years events.  You can see highlights from last years show  on my post “Lyon’s Festival of Lights – Update“.

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