A Parisian Holiday Season

Paris undergoes a brilliant transformation during the holidays…

It is one of my very favorite times to visit Paris. There’s never a better time than during the holidays for Paris to live up it’s name “The City of Lights”.

Explore Paris’ monuments as they are dressed in decorative lights, stop by a Christmas Village to sip on a glass of “vin chaud”, be amazed at intricate displays of the “grand magasin” department store windows, take a spin around city hall’s ice skating rink, stroll through the illuminated twinkling cobble stone streets, indulge in champagne and foie gras, take a bite (or three) of the traditional Buche de Noel, visit the beautiful nativity displays in all the churches… There is just so much to see and do, if you ever have the chance to visit do not hesitate one second!

For those who can’t make it just right now, enjoy this glimpse of some of the sparkle and charm of the Parisian Holiday Season:

For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Paris but need a few ideas on how to celebrate the holiday season in Paris, check out “Christmas in Paris“. Or if you just want to see the glittering holiday lights, “Paris illuminé pour Noel” gives you information on the best neighborhood streets to visit.

Want more? Check out my post “Christmas Postcards From France“.

Happy holidays everyone!

-Girl Gone Gallic

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