Picture Perfect Corsica

Postcard Photographs from Corsica

A Photo Gallery made entirely just to make you wish you were there!
First, let’s start with the fabulous beaches…

Ready to buy your ticket to Corsica yet?
Now, let’s explore the rugged mountains and sparkling streams…(and yes the mountains are really that red!).

Can’t stand it, can you???  Wishing you were there?
Finally, let’s take a look at a few final shots…

Did I succeed?  Do you wish you could be there right now?  If you could, where would you spend most of your time???

“L’Île de Beauté” (the beautiful island) as it’s called by the French today, or “Kallisté” (the most beautiful) as named by the Greeks centuries ago.  Nicknames that barely begin to evoke the splendor of this island through the passage of time… Don’t miss it!  For more on this amazing island, check out my previous posts in this series “Wonderful Magical Corsica” and “Corsica’s Turbulent Past” and stay tuned for Part 4 of the series coming soon!

Happy Travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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