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Joyeuses Pacques - Happy Easter - Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques!

Easter is very much a family gathering many parts of the world, and particularly in France. And chocolate plays an important role in the celebration… Chocolate Bells??? Traditionally you will find not only the traditional chocolate easter eggs that we know so well, but also chickens – bunnies – fish, and bells. Bells, yes, really… The myth has it that…

Poisson d'Avril 2019 - taped fish on back

Happy “Poisson d’Avril”!

What??? What u talkin’ bout girl??? Fish in April??? The “Poisson d’Avril”, an April Fool’s day tradition in France, involves pasting paper fish on unsuspecting peoples backs. Yes, that’s right, go ahead and slap a fish (preferably paper – but that’s up to you) on all your French friends backs…or any friend for that matter!

It’s Easter! Chocolate anyone?

French Easter Chocolate More chocolate gets consumed in France on Easter Sunday than on any other day of the year – over 15 thousand tons of chocolate deliciousness.  The French yearly chocolate tally adds up to about 9.3lbs of chocolate per person per year, just a little below the American average of 9.5lbs per person.  That surprised me, considering the…