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Hiking Côte Bleue

Hiking Provence’s Côte Bleue – Niolon

Hiking Provence’s Côte Bleue (Blue Coast) – Directions for the Perpetually Lost

I really should start a guide book series for those of us that were born with absolutely no sense of direction. There’s actually a real term for that – “Geographical Dyslexia,” or “Directional Disability” and it’s genetic (thanks Mom!). I personally could get lost in my backyard… Actually I did once, and NO I had not been drinking… Life before a GPS was awful, but even now with a GPS in hand I can still get lost!

Should you struggle as I do, here are some very thorough directions (with pictures) to help you hike the Côte Bleue Trail without walking in circles trying to find that elusive trailhead. Trail markers are rare here, and official maps do not always reference all trails, so keep these directions handy. GGG to the rescue!!!