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Saint Emilion Macaroons

Sweet, crunchy, delicious…

Macarons de Saint-Émilion – These are seriously addicting! The macarons de Saint-Émilion (traditional French macaroons) are crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside…sort of like a soft Amaretti cookie, and not at all like the pastel colored Parisien Macaroons.  In fact, don’t tell the Frenchies but Macarons (macaroons) likely have an Italian influence.  

Orange Crêpes Provencal - Orange crepes

Delightful Sweet Orange Saffron Crêpes Provençal

Looking for a fresh new dessert idea for a dinner party? Then try these delightful Orange Saffron Crepes Provencal, subtly flavored with Saffron – a delicious departure from regular crêpes. Why the Saffron? Although unknown to many, Saffron was first brought to France by the Romans and is still being produced in Provence. Harvest occurs in October, more on than it my next post…