The Fashionable Hiker – French Style

How to Dress Like a Fashionable Hiker

When hiking in France, first and foremost, you must be well dressed…

I’m sure you have heard the best way to dress for hiking largely depends on the conditions you plan on hiking in … clothing  that wicks away moisture with less coverage in the summer and extra insulating layers in the winter – blah blah blah, yawn!

I’m not talking about good hiking boots, and sunscreen here…Nope! I’m talking about STYLE! Make the Frenchies proud of you by remembering every outing, no matter the season or the destination, is an opportunity for style.  It’s the French way after all!

I came across these lovely shots of a very fashionable French hiker nonchalantly strolling along a trail in the Luberon. Nope, not even a model! Just oh-so fashionable and so very French. There looks to be a dog hiding there in the bushes as well, probably a poodle with a designer collar.  Notice the backpack brand and the lipstick – now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

If you ladies out there want to recreate the look, here are some options:

  • A backpack, like the Louis Vuitton Backpack Monogram Bosphore $2090Fashionable Hiker - French Style
  • Some cat eye shades…Dior Sunglasses $395
  • The must have bandana…a Hermès Scarf is perfect, tied in the “Petit tour de Cou” way $395
  • A sexy straw hat , like the St Lucia Wide Brimmed Hat $335
  • Your favorite jeans, maybe Dolce and Gabbana? $695
  • And a blouse in a light cotton like the London of Liberty White Bird Signature Shirt $415
  • …and the all important lipstick in Chanel Red Allure $37

All for less than $5000! What a bargain 😉

Sadly, I don’t have $5000 to spend on designer “hiking” clothes.  But, if you follow my blog at all then you must know that I have a weakness for shopping.  I can recreate the look at a fraction of the cost with a little creativity and by digging deep into the bowels of my overflowing and ever-growing closet.

Here is the end result, what do you think???

My outfit includes:

  • A hand-me-down cross shoulder black purse by Mandarina Duck (an Italian Brand) – free, thank you Kris!
  • Some shades…bought at the dollar store in the states because I lose them all the time – $1
  • The must have bandana…is not a must have.  Nothing in my drawers.  Must get me a Hermès!
  • A fedora straw hat, found in the darker recesses of my closet from eons ago – freebie leftover from an auction
  • My current favorite jeans, RockAndRepublic, snagged recently at a resale shop – $10
  • A blouse in light cotton by Craig Taylor, snagged at a resale shop a few years back – $22 (I have a weird memory for numbers)
  • And the all important lipstick, this one from Sephora, in liquid shade 04 – $12

What a bargain – that’s well under $50!  My look might not be nearly as enticing as the designer one above, but I figure the $4950 difference is definitely worth considering.  Plus I had fun playing “super model” for you guys (which isn’t so easy when taking pictures by yourself!).

Here’s a two last stylish ideas for you 😉

Now that we are all beautified and ready to go, let’s get hiking!  Of course, if you plan on doing any real hiking – ignore all of the above…

What’s your style?  Take this Fashion Quiz and find out!

Happy (stylish hiking) travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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