WHAT to wear in PARIS when it’s sizzling HOT…

What do you do when the temperatures are sizzling in Paris, and you want to be comfortable but stylish, but you just don’t know what to wear?

There really is nothing worse than being sticky, sweaty, and uncomfortably hot when on vacation and exploring all that Paris (or anywhere for that matter) has to offer. I don’t know about you, but I give my footsies a serious workout when I’m in Paris – my current record is 30,182 steps…that’s 15 miles in one day! 

Think casual-chic

It can get smoking hot and stifling in Paris especially in the month of August. Watch out though, this year even in late June the temperatures soared to a new record temperature of 114F. Global warming anyone???

There’s just no way that I’m going to let poor wardrobe choices ruin my day. I pack very thoughtfully and intentionally so that I can always dress with comfort AND style in mind. Think beyond your usual go to shorts and tank tops. That will get you by perfectly in Florida or Colorado, but in Paris you might just want a little more style. Yes, it is possible! Let me show you how…

Summer Dresses – Always A Stylish Choice

Back a decade or two, you would never have caught me in anything but jeans and a t-shirt. But now, simple summer dresses are unfaillingly my go-to for hot weather in Paris!  

They are always cute with flats – and so easy to dress up in the evening with a pair of pumps,  a blazer, and some great earrings! I picked up several summer dresses at the farmers market in Provence over the last few years that I have put to very good use these last few summers.

If all else fails, you do have the fashion capitol of the world right at your feet – so go shopping!

Summer Fashion Tips for Paris

  • Try summer dresses as your main go to – short sleeve or spaghetti straps – and not too short, not too tight, not too sexy! You want to be able to move freely as well, so fluid styles are best.
  • For shoes, think comfort AND style. Yes, it is possible! Ballet flats – try Tom’s, Tieks, Coach, Repetto (check out the SHEEC SockShion inserts), pretty sandals with ankle straps that stay securely on your feet (Tropizienne), Espadrille (super popular right now), Keds, white Converse or Adidas, and skate shoes – I’ve worn out my grey DC’s exploring Paris. FYI the ONLY no show socks I will wear are those from Lululemon as they actually stay on my feet unlike ALL THE OTHERS!
  • Bring a cardigan or knit blazer should the weather cool down in the evening.
  • Don’t forget a pair of platform shoes (not stilettos – think of those cobblestones!) to quickly amp up your summer dress for a night out.
  • Think neutral colors, for both your wardrobe and your makeup. You can break this rule, but only one instance at a time please (bright lipstick, OR blue mascara, OR green eyeliner, etc).
  • I stay away from white clothing when I travel, too hard to keep clean!
  • Fabrics that do not wrinkle are the easiest when traveling, but if you don’t mind a crease or two wear cotton (finer cotton wrinkles less) and linen fabrics which are much more comfortable in hot weather.
  • Don’t forget accessories to bring a little pizzazz into your outfit – think especially of earrings which are easy to pack and easy to wear.
  • When it’s really sizzling hot, move your hair off your face and neck! Braids are always fun as well and keep hair neat if it’s windy. Or why not try an updo for the ultimate chic hot weather hair style. For super easy style try a pretty clip or two, or even a hair scarf or bandana.
  • Speaking of scarves, they are not just for winter! Be a real Parisian and wear scarves all year long no matter what the weather…
  • Why not keep the sun out of your eyes with chic oversized sunglasses and a straw hat just like the gorgeous and very French Jeanne Damas? Whatever you do, definitely leave the baseball cap at home!
  • Straw bags are all the rage right now, just don’t keep anything in there that you don’t mind losing to a pickpocket. Perfectly appropriate for things such as your picnic goodies, cardigans, guide books, etc.
  • For your valuables, hide them in pockets under your clothing or wear a cross-the-shoulder bag (look for leather, secure closures, and wide straps). There are lots of stylish options these days, so don’t settle.
  • REMEMBER: Please avoid souvenir t-shirts, yoga pants or other athletic wear, running shoes, flip flops, or Keen style hiking sandals…

Check out these two French designers for a little inspiration:

French Wardrobe Essentials

If you are curious about French style and fashion, make sure check out Justine Leconte’s YouTube Channel. She really breaks it down very clearly to just how the French think about Fashion and Beauty. She’s the real deal, French accent included 🙂

Want more tips for how to dress in Paris? Check out these posts: “Tourist Beware -What NOT to wear in Paris” and “Parisian Fall Fashion Faux Pas“, and not to forget also “The French Fashionable Hiker” where I play super model for you 🙂

What do you like wear in the summer for your travels? Any favorite outfits that keep you both comfortably cool and fashionable???

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