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Girl Gone Gallic HeadshotThe adventures of a Traveling Francophile

A new dawn, and with it, new adventures… Girl Gone Gallic records the tales of my travels throughout France while working and travelling abroad. I love exploring the differences between cultures and everyday life. What better reward then to share these experiences with my family, friends, and fellow travelers? So join me in my travels, a little company is always welcome…

 About Me

American? French? It’s always been a difficult question… Born in the US of French parents, and living in France my earliest years – I’m permanently been torn between the two countries. I have a uniquely intimate view of both cultures,  a blessing in disguise. If only I could meld the two countries I would save a ton of money in airfare!  For now, I split my time between the Pacific Northwest and Southern France.

Why another travel blog ?

Go back in time and learn all the details in my welcome post “Welcome to my website and travel blog!“.

Happy Travels,
-Girl Gone Gallic

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